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AllAboutBugBounty Repository: A Comprehensive Guide to Bug Bounty Hunting

What is AllAboutBugBounty Repository?

The AllAboutBugBounty repository on Github, created by Muhammad Daffa from Indonesia, a vulnerability researcher at spiderSilk, has gained significant attention from the cybersecurity community. With 782 forks and 3.8k stars, the repository has become a go-to resource for bug bounty hunters worldwide.
One of the main purposes of the repository is to encourage contribution from the community. Muhammad Daffa has gathered his bug bounty notes from various sources, and he welcomes others to add their own notes to the repository. The repository is updated regularly, with the latest commit made in February 2023.


List Vulnerability, Bypass Technique and CVE

The repository contains a list of vulnerabilities, including Arbitrary File Upload, Business Logic Errors, CRLF Injection, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Denial of Service (DoS), Exposed Source Code, Host Header Injection, Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR), Local File Inclusion (LFI), Mass Assignment, NoSQL Injection (NoSQLi), OAuth Misconfiguration, Open Redirect, Remote File Inclusion (RFI), Server Side Include Injection (SSI Injection), Server Side Request Forgery, SQL Injection (SQLi), Web Cache Deception, and Web Cache Poisoning. The repository also includes a list of bypasses, such as Bypass 2FA, Bypass 403, Bypass 429, and Bypass Captcha.

Additionally, the repository has a checklist for Forgot Password Functionality and Register Functionality, which is coming soon. It also includes a list of common CVEs, such as CVEs 2021, with CVEs 2022 and 2023 coming soon. There are also miscellaneous vulnerabilities listed, such as Account Takeover, Broken Link Hijacking, Default Credentials, Email Spoofing, JWT Vulnerabilities, and Tabnabbing.

Moreover, the repository also provides vulnerability information on technologies, servers, CMS, and frameworks, such as Apache (HTTP Server), Confluence, Grafana, HAProxy, Jenkins, Jira, Joomla, Laravel, Moodle, Nginx, WordPress, and Zend. This information is essential for bug bounty hunters to understand the technologies they may encounter during their research.

The repository also includes a section on reconnaissance, such as Scope Based Recon, Github Dorks, Google Dorks, and Shodan Dorks. These techniques can help researchers discover potential vulnerabilities in their target.



Overall, the “AllAboutBugBounty” repository provides a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in bug bounty hunting. It is an excellent source of information for security researchers and hackers alike, who are looking for ways to improve their skills in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities.
Also by making the repository open-source and encouraging contributions, Muhammad Daffa has created a valuable community-driven resource that is sure to help advance the field of cybersecurity.

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