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Bypass CSP for Bug Bounty: Leveraging GitHub for Script Execution

A Cyber Security Researcher named Omar shared bug bounty tips on their LinkedIn account about how to BYPASS CSP. He mentioned that bypassing the Content Security Policy (CSP) is possible when a website allows “” in a script-src or default-src directive.

An example Proof of Concept (POC) looks something like this:

<script src=…</script>

In real-world scenarios, the GitHub link can be replaced with a link to the raw GitHub location of a malicious script.

Based on my experience as a web admin of this’s web, and as a bug hunter, this CSP bypass technique can be valuable when attempting to escalate an XSS bug to account takeover or privilege escalation. If you need a lengthy JavaScript script for this purpose, you can use GitHub to host the malicious JavaScript and call it for execution on the target web using “<script src>.”


This tip is shared by octagon-network.

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