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Nuclei Malware: A New Tool for Malware Researchers

What is Nuclei?

Before we explain about Nuclei Malware, lets try to understand about NUCLEI. NUCLEI is a powerful open-source tool widely used for discovering security vulnerabilities in web applications. Its ability to support multiple protocols such as HTTP, DNS, SSH, and others makes it a versatile tool for various kinds of testing. One of the key features that make NUCLEI stand out from other similar tools is its pre-configured scan rules, also known as NUCLEI Templates. These templates are designed to automate the scanning process, thereby making it more efficient and saving time and effort. NUCLEI templates are made up of YAML files that define how a particular test should be conducted, the type of data to collect, and the kind of issues to look for. With NUCLEI, security experts can perform comprehensive web application security testing and detect vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious individuals.


Nuclei Malware

In the world of cybersecurity, there are many tools available to help security professionals detect and analyze malware. One such tool is Nuclei, which is typically used by penetration testers and bug hunters.
However, one vulnerability researcher, Muhammad Daffa, has found a new use for Nuclei to detecting malware called Nuclei Malware.

Muhammad Daffa from Indonesia has created a repository on GitHub that contains templates to detect various types of malware using Nuclei. The templates are based on references from the yara rules repository and can be used by other malware researchers to detect malware.

The repository of Nuclei Malware includes a section on the status of each rule, indicating whether it can be made into a nuclei template or not. This makes it easy for researchers to understand which templates they can use to detect specific types of malware.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Nuclei Malware templates that he made, Daffa has also created a video that shows how they can be used Nuclei Malware to detect the malware. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the templates of Nuclei Malware.


Overall, the Nuclei Malware repository created by Muhammad Daffa is a valuable resource for malware researchers looking to detect and analyze new types of malware. The Nuclei Malware templates provided in the repository are based on well-established rules and can be easily used with Nuclei.

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