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Bug Bounty: An Introduction to Earning Money as an Ethical Hacker

BUG BOUNTY A bug bounty is a compensation offered to ethical hackers who find and report any weaknesses or errors in an application to the developer. These programs allow companies to improve their security by utilizing the skills of the hacking community.
Earn Money
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Gone are the days when hacking was just considered a tool for the bad guys. Today, ethical or white hat hacking has become a booming field, with many hackers using their skills for good to help test the cybersecurity of codes, apps, software, and companies. This is known as pentesting or penetration testing, and it has become a critical part of staying ahead of the malicious actors. One way to take advantage of these skills is through the bug bounty phenomenon, where you can earn money while doing what you love.


Fact About Bug Bounty Income

Bounty hunters in the USA typically bring in an annual salary of $95,000, equivalent to an hourly rate of $45.67. Those who are just starting out can anticipate a yearly income of $85,000, while seasoned professionals often command earnings as high as $110,000 annually.

Drawing on data provided by bug bounty platform HackerOne, cybersecurity company Trail of Bits points out that the top one percent of bug hunters, on average, discover 0.87 software vulnerabilities each month. This results in them earning bounties equivalent to an average annual salary of $34,255 (£26,500).

This amount falls a bit below what a pest control worker in a state like Mississippi earns, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s also lower than the average annual salary in the UK, which is £27,000.

While certain individuals within this field amass over $500,000 annually, this achievement stands in stark contrast to the typical earnings of the majority of self-employed, part-time bug bounty hunters who lack a guaranteed income.


Do I Shoult out of My Job and focus on bug bounty?

While you can make a substantial amount of money through bug bounty, it may take some time to build up the skills and reputation needed to make it your primary source of income. However, if you’re looking for a way to put your skills to use and earn some extra cash, bug bounty offer a lot of potential. Think of it as a form of traditional bounty hunting, but instead of tracking down criminals, you’re tracking down software vulnerabilities. Some people make a full-time living from bug bounty, but for most, it’s just a nice influx of cash on the side.


How Do Bug Bounty Work?

Companies looking to test their digital assets (codes, security protocols, or software) set up bug bounty programs to incentivize ethical hackers to help. The company, known as the security researcher or white hat hacker, then tests the digital asset for vulnerabilities, exploits, weaknesses, and gaps. Simply finding the issue is not enough, though. You need to come up with a solution to fix or circumnavigate the issue, and then you will be rewarded. Most bug bounty focus on monetary recompense, but some offer free products, leaderboards, recognition, or other “bragging rights.”


The Two Types of Bug Bounty

While each program is unique, most bug bounty fall into two categories: Internal Programs and Crowd-sourced Programs. Internal programs are when a company actively seeks out security researchers to test their software, and typically, you need to have a track record of participating in open-source programs to even be considered. Crowd-sourced programs, on the other hand, are open to all participants and are hosted on platforms like HackerOne. The terms and conditions of the bug bounty are posted on the platform, and any member can look for exploits.


Do Bug Bounty Work?

Yes, they do! Bug bounty have become a popular way for companies to benefit from the skills of ethical hackers and pentesting experts, while also allowing the hacker to test their skills and earn money. Even if you don’t succeed in a bug bounty program, it’s still a way to gain valuable and ethical experience that can be used in a cybersecurity career. Having fresh sets of eyes looking for vulnerabilities can be incredibly beneficial for companies, and the more people actively checking for exploits, the less chance there is of a live exploit being left behind.


Where to Find Paying Bug Bounty

Bug bounty are now widely available and can be found almost anywhere. You can either look for a program hosted by a company whose digital assets match your interests, or sign up with a platform that specializes in bug bounty. Some of the most popular online bug bounty platforms include Bugcrowd, HackerOne, Cobalt, SafeHats, and SynAck.


How to Succeed in Bug Bounty Programs

Alright, let me try to explain it in a more relaxed and informal way. If you want to succeed in bug bounty programs, here are some tips you can follow.

First of all, make sure you understand the program’s scope and rules so you know what you’re getting into. Also, stay up-to-date on the latest vulnerabilities and exploits so you know what to look for.

Next, you need to have the right tools and techniques to test the system effectively. This means using automated tools to scan for vulnerabilities, but also doing manual testing to make sure you cover everything. You should also know how the system works so you can find potential attack routes.

It’s also important to keep organized records of your findings, including what you did to find the vulnerability, what type of vulnerability it is, and how it could affect the system. This will help you when you report your findings to the program owners.

Be patient and persistent in your efforts because sometimes it takes time to find a valuable vulnerability. But if you keep looking, you could find one that gets you a nice reward.

Finally, when you report your findings to the program owners, make sure you communicate clearly and simply. Tell them exactly what the vulnerability is, how it could impact the system, and how you exploited it. By doing this, you’ll improve your chances of getting a bigger reward for your hard work.



Joining bug bounty programs is a dope way to level up your security research skills and bag some sweet rewards for your hustle. By following the tips we talked about earlier, you’ll totally up your chances of winning in these programs and make a legit contribution to keeping the internet safe and sound.


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