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DewaBiz Server Malware Attack Leads to Maintenance and Server Downtime

Indonesia, SECRY – DewaBiz Server Malware – On Friday, September 29, 2023,, a prominent player in the hosting industry, faced an unexpected and disruptive challenge. Their servers fell victim to a malicious Malware attack, leading to an emergency maintenance and a temporary server outage.

The trouble began when DewaBiz’s server hosting infrastructure was hit by a severe Malware attack. This attack proved to be highly destructive, forcing the company to take immediate action. Despite their best efforts, the server couldn’t be restored promptly, leading to significant downtime for their customer


Apology and Acknowledgment: DewaBiz’s Regret for Server Downtime

On October 2, 2023, at 08:22 AM, DewaBiz took to their official Facebook page ( to extend their sincerest apologies to their users for the server downtime resulting from the maintenance. In the post, they expressed their understanding of the inconvenience this unexpected downtime had caused. You can check on your own here:


You can see various customer complaints at the following link:


Road to Recovery: Restoring DewaBiz’s Hosting Services

Currently, DewaBiz’s dedicated team is diligently working towards a comprehensive recovery process. Their primary goal is to restore data from their backup servers. However, given the vast number of accounts and data involved, this process is time-consuming. The data will be reverted to its state as of the last recorded backup date on their backup servers.

DewaBiz acknowledges the critical importance of providing stable and reliable hosting services to their clients. They want to reassure their users that all available resources are being directed towards resolving this issue as swiftly as possible.


Communication Channels Open: How to Stay Updated

To ensure customers are well-informed about the ongoing situation, DewaBiz encourages open communication. Clients are urged to reach out through support tickets or direct messages, providing their website name and associated email address for priority assistance. DewaBiz pledges to provide regular updates on the progress of the recovery efforts.

The DewaBiz team sincerely appreciates the understanding and patience demonstrated by their valued users throughout this challenging period. They are fully committed to resolving the issue and restoring their hosting services to their usual high standards.


Announcement: Progress in Server Hosting Maintenance

Parallel update also posted directly on their website, DewaBiz apologized profusely for the inconvenience caused by the server downtime due to the Malware attack. They provided insights into the progress of their maintenance efforts.

Announcement by DewaBiz about Maintenance
Announcement by DewaBiz about Maintenance. Image from the “WordPress Indonesia” Facebook group

Progress in Server Hosting Maintenance: What You Need to Know

The maintenance process specifically pertains to Server Hosting IDN 01, IDN 13, IDN 14, and Zeus. These servers are currently undergoing a meticulous reindexing of backups, a time-intensive task that cannot be rushed. Following this, the data will be restored from the most recent backups stored on the backup server.

Customers who have questions or require further assistance are encouraged to open new support tickets or respond to existing ones through DewaBiz’s support team at support portal link.


A Grateful Note: DewaBiz’s Appreciation for Customer Patience

In closing, DewaBiz expresses their heartfelt gratitude for the understanding, patience, and cooperation demonstrated by their valued customers. They recognize the inconveniences caused by the unexpected server issues and remain committed to delivering a seamless hosting experience once the maintenance is complete.

Despite the temporary setback, DewaBiz remains dedicated to providing reliable hosting services and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of their customers. Stay tuned for further updates as they work diligently to resolve the issue and reinforce their commitment to excellence.

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