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Haqpl: Shopify Rewards Haqpl with $200,000 Bounty for Critical Bug Discovery

SECRY The e-commerce giant Shopify has rewarded a substantial $200,000 bounty to bug hunter “Haqpl” via Hackerone. The news broke on October 14, 2023, when another bug hunter shared this exciting news on Facebook at 09:46 AM.

Swiftly responding to this exciting news, we delved into Hackerone’s website to see Haqpl Profile and discovered a recent “Hacktivity” update. It was revealed that Shopify had generously rewarded Haqpl with a $200,000 bounty, precisely 11 hours ago, marking it as “bounty awarded 11 hrs ago.”

While the exact nature of the discovered bug remains confidential, it is highly likely that it falls into the “Critical” category and maybe its XXE, based on Haqpl’s profile, given the sizeable reward offered by Shopify. This underscores the importance of these unsung heroes, like Haqpl, who tirelessly work to ensure the safety of our online shopping experiences.

Shopify’s commitment to addressing security vulnerabilities through bug bounty programs is commendable, and this $200,000 payout serves as a stark reminder of the value placed on cybersecurity in the digital age. The online marketplace continues to be a hub for both e-commerce and responsible disclosure, ensuring a safer online ecosystem for all.

This remarkable achievement by Haqpl also adds a new chapter to the world of bug hunting and underscores the critical role bug hunters play in safeguarding online platforms. We eagerly await further details about this exceptional feat. Stay tuned for updates on another extraordinary discovery!

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