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Samsung Security Incident, UK Customers Affected in Data Breach

Samsung UK Online Store Data Breach – Samsung Electronics has found itself dealing with yet another security incident, impacting customers who made purchases from the Samsung UK online store between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020. The tech giant discovered the breach just two days ago on November 13, revealing that it was a result of a hacker exploiting a vulnerability in a third-party application.

Details of the Incident

Samsung Security Incident
Samsung Data Breach Notified By Email. Source:

Samsung security Incident has promptly taken action to notify affected customers about the breach. The compromised data includes personal information such as names, phone numbers, postal and email addresses. It’s reassuring to note that the breach did not extend to financial details or customer passwords. In an official statement, Samsung clarified that it confines the incident to the UK region and does not impact data belonging to U.S. customers, employees, or retailers.

“We were recently alerted to a cybersecurity incident, which resulted in certain contact information of some Samsung UK e-store customers being unlawfully obtained. No financial data, such as bank or credit card details, or customer passwords, were impacted. The incident is limited to the UK and does not affect U.S. customers, employees or retailer data”Samsung

Root Cause and Security Measures

While not disclosing details about the specific security issue exploited by the hacker and the identity of the vulnerable third-party application, Samsung has assured customers that it has taken the necessary steps to address the security breach. The company spokesperson emphasized that Samsung reported the incident to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, underlining the company’s commitment to transparency and compliance with data protection regulations.

This unfortunate event marks the third data breach for Samsung within a span of two years. The previous incidents, in late July 2023 and March 2023, saw hackers gaining unauthorized access to customer information and a data extortion group stealing confidential data, including source code for Galaxy smartphones.

As Samsung grapples with the aftermath of this security incident, it serves as a reminder of the persistent and evolving nature of cybersecurity threats. The company continues prioritizing the security of its customers’ data, and it encourages users to remain vigilant, taking advantage of any security features and updates provided by Samsung. Fortunately, the impact on UK customers is significant but limited to personal information, and Samsung’s swift response aims to mitigate any potential risks associated with the breach.



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